Feeling full

I’ve been enjoying blogging very much and am delighted that others seem to be interested in similar things to those I love recording and writing about. I have found that the more I think about the blog, the more ideas I want to explore on it! Keeping up with the posts regularly and trying not to lose track of ideas before I have time to post them seems to be my main problem!

Recipes and food photos are fun, but I also want to use this as a forum for exploring what being ‘full’ might mean. Having a dinner with some of my family (both immediate and extended) last night, one of us pushed back and said,
“I’m so full”, to which my uncle replied,
“but of good things!”.

While reflecting on ‘feeling full’ of food at the end of a meal is quite common place, recognising that we do just as readily seek satisfaction and ‘fullness’ in other areas of our lives is possibly less common. I want to be someone who seeks ‘fullness’ in all aspects of life, firstly realising that my deepest needs are filled by the God I follow. He, in His goodness, has blessed me with a full life; full of family who love me and exciting and interesting disciplines like food and textiles to explore.

… the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.” Ephesians 1:23

Where do you go to be filled?


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