Finally … fish (the way mum cooks it)


After a month or so of other things – a post at last!

Most Tuesdays this year have meant dinner at my grandma’s with my mum after work. The other thing that Tuesdays often mean is fish for tea because mum works near a fish shop that she trusts. Now that I live further away dinner isn’t so easy, but below are some pictures of “fish the way mum cooks it” that we cooked on a Tuesday night a few months back. It is an easy and tasty way to eat more of this nutritious food. Enjoy!

small white fish fillets (we use flathead)
cornflour for dusting
butter and some oil for frying (light flavoured olive is good, sunflower seed oil would be fine …)
salt and pepper to season

1. Place cornflour in a plastic shopping bag with the fish fillets and shake gently to coat.
2. Heat the oil and butter till just ready to sizzle when the fillets are added to the pan. Hot oil means that it doesn’t soak into the food being fried but seals the food and the flavours.
3. Pan fry the fish till golden and cooked through.
4. Serve seasoned and with salad, homemade (or not) wedges or chips … whatever you fancy!


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