Beautiful ‘bunting’

So we may have made about 60 metres of it … I have some very patient friends and relations! I’d been cutting out pink and blue and white triangles for a few months and then sewing little flags for a few weeks but it really took a team effort to make these pretty strings of flags that adorned a party tent at my house a few weeks ago.

A chosen shape had seam allowance added, as many flags as were needed (lots in our case) were cut out (on the straight grain; the length of the flag went the same direction as the yarns in the fabric) and then sewn with right sides of the fabric (pretty side) facing inwards. The seams were trimmed, the corners were clipped for easy turning and reduction of bulk and (another couple of friends) folded and ironed the turned flags. Wide woven tape was folded over and sewn to hold the flags.

The whole process was fun but did take considerable time.

The end result was beautiful!







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