Floor Cushions

I really enjoyed making these. I’m not sure whether I enjoyed the making or the getting-rid-of-lots-of-knit-fabric-I-wouldn’t-use-otherwise-and-now-don’t-have-to-store which was a happy by-product and one of the intentions I had setting out. When you like sewing, people tend to gift you with fabric. When you like sewing you tend to hoard fabric. When you like sewing it is good to use the fabric you have. Which is what I did. Happiness all round was the result! Now I need to make more (more knit fabric discovered) and get using them!

The inserts where layered with old fabrics then stitched through to hold them together. Then a calico insert cover was made and sewn round the ‘scrap fabric pillow’. Then a pretty cover was made, bed pillow slip style with a fold to tuck the pillow in (so there was no need for buttons or zips).






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