Toffee Apples (nice and a-licky!)

I get scared working with sugar … but Year 10 are learning about crystallisation so working with toffee is kind of difficult to side step. I had a go at making Toffee apples (with the assistance of my lovely husband) and these are the results. We just followed the recipe that I found on – but without food colouring because we don’t yet have it in our pantry! I felt like singing Peter Combe’s well-known children’s song all afternoon! It is kind of amazing that sugar heated to the right temperature and carefully treated can make something crystal like – although these didn’t have the traditional red food colouring – the pink lady apples we used were glossy and beautiful with their new glassy surface.

They were a little sticky, the friends we shared them were intrigued (who doesn’t love the idea of a toffee apple!) but also a little concerned for their potential dental bills! The toffee may have needed a little more cooking (but as stated above I am a little nervous round sugar cooking) but the temperature on the candy thermometer was right! I’ll hope to perfect them on Wednesday in class!





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