Settling the room …

Kirk Patston talks about ‘kindness’ in his talk on Ruth from Easter Convention last year. The talk is focused on Ruth and the way she was sacrificially kind in her love for Naomi.  It is a wonderful talk but I was reminded not of Ruth this last week but of another woman he refered to, a woman who enters a room and ‘unsettles’ or disturbs the room with the beauty and scent of a bunch of flowers.

My lovely landlady grew these gorgeous blooms and, while my parents were visiting, her husband gave us a bunch to enjoy. Luscious, full and fragrant they were everything a rose should be. They graced our little living room with their beauty for a time, and sitting observing them, I didn’t find myself unsettled, but rather settled. Surrounded by those who have loved and known me for a long time and those who have only just started loving me.

Kindness is a truly settling thing. It can bring beauty and peace that unsettles, and then perhaps, (later when we accept its somewhat unexpected beauty) settles us. Allowing us to know peace.

DSC_0994 DSC_0995 DSC_0997


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