Layered Mexican Salad with Chicken and Wraps




Friday night movie and dinner with Asher, Mum and Dad. Mexican inspired fare and Frozen to entertain us. Good fun and company all around. One of my students made a Mexican salad a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I thought I would have a go at making a creamy dressing with a lower fat content than sour cream (despite the cries of the sour-cream lover in my family!). After a little Google research I ad-libbed a bit and in the end, everyone was happy – and we were all glad of it the next day for lunch too!

Chicken –
Chicken thighs
warm and spicy flavouring (your choice of paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, chili powder and salt …)
Oil for frying

Salad –
1 x 400g can of beans of choice
1 x 400g can of corn kernels
carrots (we grated them and I would recommend this!)
low-fat cream cheese and greek yoghurt in a 2:1 ratio
corn chips

1. Slice the chicken and allow to marinade in chosen spices (these are really only a guide but I think they were the ones I used – all were happily received!)
2. Make the salad by preparing the vegetables and layering them with alternating colours attractively front the base of the bowl up. Again, those listed are a guide but they did work well.
3. Combine the yoghurt and cream cheese and spread over the top of the salad. Top with crushed chips. Refrigerate till serving time (2-3 hours allows the dressing to soak down into the salad a little, yum!).
4. Pan fry the chicken pieces and serve in wraps with salsa!


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