Baking with Apples



These second two pictures are of an apple crumble recipe I made the same day … they were just so pretty I decided to share them too!



I’ve recently discovered baked apples. It has taken a very long time for me to come to enjoying cooked fruit but I think that between apple crumble and these baked apples I may have finally been won over.  Searching for a healthy dessert to make one night I came across a simple recipe that I’ve adapted slightly. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have since then …

filling ingredients
a little water

First filling –

Second filling –
Chopped dates
Oat bran
A little brown sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 190°C.
2. Prepare the filling, the oats are quite dry so ensure that there is more fruit than oats in the filling. I would only use about one tsp of spice to four apples (other spices can be incorporated … I’ve just not tried them yet!).
3. The apples need to be cored and then the hole stuffed tightly with the filling.
4. Place apples in a baking paper lined baking dish. A little water added to the dish at this stage will help to cook them (using steam) and will keep them moist. They can also be sprayed lightly with oil to give the topping a nice golden crunch but this isn’t necessary.
5. The apples are then baked for at least 40 minutes, preferably longer till they are exploding out of their skins and falling apart so they are soft and easy to eat with a spoon.
6. Enjoy with custard, caramel sauce and ice-cream if you are feeling decadent, or with yoghurt and honey if you just want a light snack or dessert! Most of all, share them with a few other someones and enjoy the chorus of “mmms”.


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