Out our kitchen window

Our kitchen is quite easily my favourite room in the house. It is full and cozy. The big Western Australian sky means that the light pours in the window and we have filled the shelves with collected crockery, interesting ingredients and useful kitchen ware. The open shelving meant more storage space and way to enjoy the everyday aesthetics of jars of flour, nuts and dried fruit – as well as the pretty pallet of different plates, bowls and cups. It is not sophisticated, our kitchen, but it is warm and, I hope, friendly. I love feeding people in it and being fed by the sharing, the cooking and the creativity that happens there.

This is my kitchen window. Sitting above the stove in the centre of the kitchen, it is probably the most significant physical focal point of our house. I enjoyed decorating it and setting it out – and now I enjoy it (and the sunlight that brightens it) most days while I cook or work in the kitchen.



Beauty matters because it makes us feel – there is something about sunshine that warms us deeper than our skin.


2 thoughts on “Out our kitchen window

  1. I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t slow down enough to ponder but it is still one of my favourite views in the house!

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