Baking to make beautiful

Inspired I had a go at some pretty baking recipes this weekend …

The cherry pie was my first grown-up attempt at lattice – the recipe was based on this cherry pie recipe from BS’ (Brother and Sister) in the Kitchen – but I used orange drink not cherry juice and also left out the spices. It was very sweet, next time I might play around with the ingredients more and publish my version but for a first attempt, it was a sweet and sticky success!


The lemon pie was made using cream cheese and eggs – it is from Giselle Wilkinson’s The Conscious Cook, it was delicious and will probably be used again!


These orange cup cakes were based on this recipe from Iheartnaptime, rich and buttery, they were very delicious!


And a final thanks to my lovely friend Alissa who bought this set of electric hand beaters for me – they are awesome and make especially good cream-cheese icing!


And the good thing was there were family dinners, friends over to play board games and camp reunions at which these treats could be shared and enjoyed after all the flour and sugar artistry!


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