Skirts and Sewing Circles

A cozy sewing circle gathered in the little dinning room at Grosvenor Rd a few weeks ago. A little band of family surrounded the busy HSC student who was diligently (and only slightly desperately!) working on her Major Textiles project. The sea scape inspired piece of textiles art she was creating kept her, and her textile-teacher cousin (me!) busy, while our grandma gave my mum advice as they tried to figure out how to move a knitting pattern I’d attempted (and given up on about a year ago!) along! My aunty, mum to the slightly stressed teenage seamstress was there for support; moral and otherwise … and last but far from least, was the littlest sister. Miss Lily has watched on while Ally and I have sewed for most of her life – collaborating to create colourful skirts on summer holidays when she was very little. After checking in with her mum that the colours I’d found would be well received, I got to choose the fabric and then it was up to her. Deciding where the trim should go, how long to make the skirt and sewing nearly all the seams – it was really up to her this time. Didn’t she do a wonderful job?

The first time; three years ago …



This time; in the holidays just past … (the shoe was missing so she didn’t speed on the sewing machine!)




Here is to a HSC Major Textiles Project handed in this time last week! Hooray! Great work Ally!


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