Bento Boxes


A Japanese pantry


Starting the vegetable and cheese prep!



Making onigiri




Asher’s Bento (with extra rice and flavoured with sprinkle)


Ange’s Bento




With a friend who is half-Japanese to guide us, Asher and I spent a happy afternoon exploring the world of bento boxes in the holidays. Bento boxes are probably one of the best examples of playing with your food I’ve ever come across and they seem to delight people of all ages! Bento boxes are Japanese inspired lunch boxes filled with vegetables, eggs, a little cheese and ham along with sea weed and rice dishes. More elaborate ones include cooked dishes and oven are carefully arranged and constructed to mimic animals and characters or cute shapes and landscapes. With help from the expert we learned to make onigiri filled with salmon (or shaped creatively), experimented with rolling ingredients in nori and used cutters to make decorative salads. The experience was so fun (and tasty) that we decided to invest in a rice maker for ourselves which arrived a few weeks ago and has been used several times since! Stay tuned for more creative rice adventures!



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