Shirt maker

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the man’s shirt I made over the holiday break. The fabric was the model’s choice – a patchwork-quality cotton he spotted at Finch’s Nest Patchwork shop in Geraldton when we were shopping there in the closing-down sales late 2013. He asked for a shirt and I reluctantly agreed, taking six months to get myself to the shop to buy a pattern (Vogue 8759). My reticence was not about sewing for him, or even sewing generally (which I really like), but stemmed from my understanding of the complexity of making a shirt (and knowing the standards I’d hold myself to!). Well thankfully, by the end of the year sewing from a pattern was about all the creativity I could muster so I actually started to make some progress on the shirt and, a few months later, here it is! The only significant change I made to the pattern was to include a few more enclosed seams than the instructions suggested to eliminate all the raw edges of fabric I could (I didn’t have access to my over locker so it seemed like the best alternative for a neat finish). It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was dreading and it also looks quite nice on! As soon as the photos were taken it made its debut in the music teaching classroom – it seems he’s happy with it too!


DSC_8611 DSC_8612 DSC_8630


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