Eat Street








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We join the stream of cars seeking a place to park. Pangs of anticipation and hunger give way to a dizzying revelation of choice. We realize with some disappointment that that we are not nearly hungry enough! The crowded Hamilton Wharf area is a maze of brightly lit shipping containers transfigured into pint-sized food shops. On a Friday night there is a steady stream of people through the tiny avenues, munching on an eclectic assortment of ‘street’ foods. After an initial reconnaissance we decided on a cheesy German Kranksy, red Seekh kebabs and soft tacos with pulled-beef. The sausage was an early choice – blanketed with bright American style mustard it was warm, salty and satisfying. The lamb mince pieces from the Indian establishment were suffused with the flavours of an impeccably balanced spice blend only improved by the yoghurt dipping sauce. Fingers were licked. The cornmeal tacos were slightly chewy, their silky ribbons of meat toped with a fresh coriander-sprinkled salsa. Letting dinner settle, we wandered through the streets, listening to some of the live music and trying to decide on dessert. Not feeling quite up to the outrageous cabaret delivery of the funnel cakes or the lavish ‘cronuts’ we settled on a simpler indulgence. Enjoying a handmade square of velvety Madagascan vanilla marshmallow – we buy a few more of the pillowy, gelatinous sweets to take home and share later. While the girls stopped by the flower stall, Asher chose a large cup of organic tea on the way out, the mildly sweet Black Lemon infusion was a refreshing conclusion to a night rich in flavours.

Thanks to Jess and Mel, our hosts! It was a lovely adventure experiencing ‘Eat Street’ Market, on Brisbane’s Northshore with you as our guides.



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