It has been a slow few months of blogging. A long anticipated season of transition, the last six months have, at times, surprised us. We have both worked far more than we thought we would be able to (and we are very grateful for that!). We have lived with more people than we ever have before, testing out the joys and challenges of ‘living-in-community’. Old friendships have blessed us, and unexpected ones have blossomed. Family, near and far, have been faithful in loving us.

For me, my 3/4 load of Masters of Arts (Food Studies) subjects has given me more to think about; from how to write well (about food) to urban food production, Alice Waters to vegan ideology. With the people, the projects and the day-to-day-doing there has not been much space for processing and posting. It took a while, but as I adjusted to the increased white-noise levels of life, I have (very, very gradually) quietened. It is a trajectory that needs to continue into our new season. Learning to be okay with stillness remains a personal challenge.

Heading to Canada, just the two of us, we imagine life will be quieter. There will be a new course of information to digest, to imbibe and to learn to embody. I hope to keep cooking and making as we go, and perhaps to share something of what I learn. For now, after handing in my final assignment, there is (just a little) space to revisit some thoughts I have had and things I have cooked this semester. Stay tuned!


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